Meet the Team

Carlos Hernandez

Carlos is the founder and CEO of Office Keepers. He grew up in the industry working alongside his family in their cleaning business in London, England. In college he worked as a custodian cleaning many large buildings on the university campus. Carlos earned a degree in International Studies with an emphasis in Business from Brigham Young University. He decided to put his degree and knowledge of the cleaning industry to use by founding Office Keepers in 2008. He is passionate about serving his customers and looks forward to the company’s continued success.

Marci Hernandez

Marci is over the administration and HR. Previous to starting Office Keepers with Carlos, she earned a degree in Recreation Management from Brigham Young University and was the manager of a dental office. She runs the weekly team meetings and manages the admin staff at Office Keepers.

Alberto Garcia
Operations Manager

Alberto has been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years. For eight of those years he has been a supervisor. At Office Keepers, Alberto oversees the training of new crews and supervises each customer account in order to ensure that the work is consistent and thorough throughout the company.

Rosa Marin

Rosa is another one of our supervisors at Office Keepers. Her main task is performing inspections and training crews at each new location. She has a talent for detail and gives feedback to each of the crews on areas for improvement. Rosa’s supervision and input establishes consistency throughout the company.

Marisa Johnson
Marketing & Sales Representative

Marisa oversees the marketing and sales department of Office Keepers. She has been and continues to be an asset to the company by utilizing her entrepreneurial and marketing skills to expand our customer base.

Ana Terrones
Accountant and Administrative Assistant.

Ana has been with Office Keepers since 2011. She processes payroll and invoices within the accounting department. If changes are to be made to any services, she has direct communication with both customers and crews to make immediate modifications.

Lizeth Becerra
Quality Control

Lizeth is an administrative assistant at Office Keepers. She is the main source of communication between our customers and crew members. Lizeth updates the crew members and receives feedback from the customers via quality control reviews.