Green Cleaning Products…does it matter?

Green Cleaning Products…does it matter?

Schools all across Arizona are going green, choosing to use environmentally friendly cleaning products instead of standard chemically based cleaners. The reason schools are making the switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products is mainly for the health of their students. Typical cleaning companies use the same commercial cleaning products in all types of buildings they clean, however, when there are children involved, safety should always be the main focus.
Is your cleaning company using environmentally friendly cleaning products? If you are not sure, then they probably aren’t. Professional cleaners who choose to use green cleaning products are proud to promote the environmentally friendly cleaning products they use and are happy to explain the benefits of using them.

The Dangers Of Not Using Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products

There are many important benefits of using environmentally friendly cleaning products in schools, as children and school staff can become exposed to potentially toxic cleaning products such as sprays and liquids. If you are unsure if your commercial cleaning company is using green cleaning products, then your school’s health is really at risk.

Here Are The Benefits Your School Will Have By Using Hired “Green Cleaners”:

Eliminates the risk of respiratory issues: Chemical-based cleaning liquids and sprays can and do cause respiratory problems when young children are exposed to them, especially on a regular basis. Exposure from commercial cleaning products can induce asthma, a chronic illness that negatively affects the respiratory tract, making it hard to breathe. Using all-natural cleaning products will eliminate the risk of respiratory problems affecting your students and staff.

Lowers cases of skin irritation: As chemical cleaning agents are used to clean surfaces and touch points, cases of rashes among students is common as contact with the skin from desks, chairs, doors, and bathroom are inevitable.

Prevents toxic chemicals from reaching the environment: by switching to a company who uses green cleaning products, your school will help to prevent toxic chemicals from reaching the environment. Eco-friendly cleaning products have labels that state they are ‘chemical free’ and safe to use around children at school.

What does Office Keepers do?

At Office Keepers, we care about the health of your students and staff, and we will do everything we can to protect the environment by using only eco-friendly cleaning products. So, if you want to avoid the use of toxic cleaning products at your school, then make sure that you hire a cleaning company who uses eco-friendly cleaning products.

Did You Know These Fun Facts About Cleaning?

Did You Know These Fun Facts About Cleaning?

Cleaning is never funny for businesses. For most people in Arizona, it is one of the most tiresome activities in life. Rarely will you hear people associate it with the word ‘fun’. As a commercial cleaning company Office Keepers loves and enjoys the cleaning business, and we want to break the negative connotations that are usually attached to it.

So here are some fun facts about cleaning that hopefully will help change the way you look at cleaning your businesses and workplaces.

Did you know that…

1. 50-60% of the average person’s time is spent at the office. This means that keeping your office cleans should be one of your priorities.

2. By cleaning for two hours, you burn 200 worth of calories. In fact, different cleaning chores burns varying amount of calories in the body. Mopping for an hour, for example, can burn about 153 calories and scrubbing the tub for 15 minutes lets you shed 90 calories.

3. Every year about 300,000 cases of reported illnesses are food-borne. Making it a habit to wash your hands after handling food is the best way to avoid falling victim to such illnesses.

4. You need to leave antibacterial cleaners on dirty surfaces for 30 to 60 seconds before wiping it away. It allows enough time for the cleaner to absorb dirt and kill bacteria and germs.

5. Around 70-80% of dust particles are dead skin cells.

6. Iceland, according to researchers at Columbia and Yale Universities, is the cleanest country in the world having a score of 93.5. While Sierra Leone ranks the lowest having only a score of 32.1. The scores were based on several factors such as water and air quality; greenhouse emissions; environmental public health; and the diversity of the ecosystem.

8. Whenever you flush your toilet, “toilet plumes” or small waste particles get sprayed into the air, which you can inhale or can attach itself on your toothbrush. Starting today, make it a habit to close the lid before flushing the toilet.

9. Banana peels can be used to polish silver and leather shoes. So the next time you have bananas, be sure to keep the banana peels. It can help you save on polish products.

10. An office phone contains about 25,000 germs per square inch. But there’s no need to panic. All you have to do is give your office phone a quick wipe with a disinfecting wipe daily.


If you want to ensure that your workplace stays completely germ-free and clean at all times, don’t hesitate to ask help from professional commercial cleaners. They have the right tools and equipment to remove deep-seated dirt and tough germs in any part of your workplace. You can also rest assured that your building will be cleaned to the highest standards.

By hiring a commercial cleaning company like Office Keepers you can ensure that your office or place of business will remain clean, sanitized and healthy for you, your staff and your customers.

What Are Your Office Cleaning Challenges?

Cleaning a commercial property is very different than cleaning a home. There are lots of unique challenges that go along with office cleaning. Addressing these challenges head-on is the best way to ensure that your property is not only clean, but that it is also safe for your clients and employees. Here are some of the issues that you need to consider:

Challenge 1: Finding a Proper Time to Clean

Typically, cleaning will need to be done outside of normal business hours. If your office maintains regular 9 am to 5 pm, that probably won’t be a problem. However, some industries have employees on site around the clock. For instance, if you run a medical facility that is open early and later than normal business hours, there will most likely be employees in the office most of the day.

This can make it challenging to find a time when the cleaning can be done. Typically, the best option is to schedule cleaning services for the time when there are the fewest employees in the building. This will make it as easy as possible for the cleaning staff to get their work done without causing any major disruptions.

Office Keepers has cleaning crews that are able to accommodate any schedule.  Just let us know what time you would like your building to be cleaned and we will identify a crew to fit your needs.

Challenge 2: Cross Contamination

Cross-contamination is another challenge associated with office cleaning. A good example of this is when a mop that is used to clean a bathroom is then also used to clean the hallway or the main office space. This can result in the spread of germs, which can increase the likelihood of employees getting sick and missing work.

Cross Contamination

The best way to avoid this is by having separate cleaning products for each space of your building. Try color-coding microfiber cloths and mops and storing them near the areas where they should be used to minimize the spread of germs throughout your space. This is especially important if you work in a medical facility or in a facility where there is a high likelihood of contamination.  Our color coding method at Office Keepers includes specific colors of microfiber cloths and mops for certain areas.

Challenge 3: Missed Areas

Most office buildings are quite large and have a lot of different areas that need to be addressed. Oftentimes, certain areas can get overlooked during regular cleaning. For instance, the cleaning crew may empty the trash each day, but they probably won’t wipe down the desk chairs to remove dust on a daily basis.

The best way to avoid this problem is by coming up with a complete cleaning schedule for the entire office. When a proposal is sent to your office we take measurements and inventory of each area.  Then we decide how often it should be cleaned. As an example, the garbage cans most likely will need to be emptied every day. The office chairs, bookcases, or printer stands, on the other hand, may only need to be cleaned once a month.

At Office Keepers we print out a cleaning schedule specific to your building that clearly outlines how often each task should be done. That way, the cleaning crew will know exactly what tasks they need to do and when they need to do them, helping to avoid any areas being overlooked.

There are a lot of challenges associated with office cleaning. By thinking through these challenges ahead of time, you can help avoid them, ensuring that your building stays as clean as possible.  Office Keepers has taken steps to avoid these common office cleaning challenges for you, so let us take care of your building!

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Why to Hire a Cleaning Company When Moving Your Office

Moving to a new workplace can be both frightening and exciting. Before you start working at your new facility you should properly clean the office that you will be moving out of to ensure your deposit is returned. You can choose to clean the entire property yourself, or hire a professional cleaning company to clean your office.

If you are in the Phoenix metro area hiring professional cleaners is an effortless and safe way to assure that the office is in perfect condition when you are moved out and confirming that you get back your bond.

Cleaning Company

Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a professional cleaning company:

1. Saves Time

Cleaning is a daunting and time-consuming task, especially because there are so many things to get in order prior to moving out. Cleaning the building yourself, can lead to the loss of valuable time and energy that could be better spent setting up your new work space and getting organised.
Doing the cleaning yourself means that you have to put other things on hold.

Hiring an expert allows you to take care of the other things while the company cleans your office thoroughly and quickly saving you a wealth of time and giving you complete peace of mind.

2. Cleaning Quality

When moving out, the last thing you want is to have to come back to the old property to re-clean it even after you thought you had done it really well. This is because you may miss some essential places like light fixtures, dusty ceiling fan blades, blinds, drains, or build up in the grout tiles.

Professional cleaners offer a bond refund guarantee which means they guarantee their work will meet the expectations of the property manager or landlord and in case there are any issues, they will be the one to return to the property to correct the problem allowing you to focus on settling down in your new office.

Generally, they do a much better job since they are experienced and well trained to ensure your rental property looks amazing, smells fresh and you are 100 percent satisfied with the work.

3. They Make Use of Standard Equipment and Chemicals

Professional cleaners use premium chemicals and high tech machines. These chemicals are safe and they must ensure proper cleaning all office areas.

Most cleaning companies in Arizona use Eco-friendly products as a friendly move to safeguard the environment.

4. Saves Money

Initially, hiring a professional cleaning company may look like an unnecessary cost, but after doing some research and reviewing the cost properly you will realise that it actually saves you money.

Cleaning it yourself requires you to purchase certain cleaning equipment and products which may end up costing more than hiring a cleaning company.

5. Insurance

As per the requirement by the local government in Arizona, cleaning companies should have an insurance cover to protect you and the property in case of an accident. Therefore, before hiring one, ensure that the cleaning company your hire has valid insurance coverage.

The best thing about hiring a professional cleaning company is that you will have peace of mind your building will be taken care of properly. Everything is done skilfully while you spend your time preparing for the relocation. Therefore, take advantage of commercial cleaners in Arizona to save money, energy, and time for other important tasks.

The Importance of Green Cleaning

The Importance of Green Cleaning

In recent years we have relied on strong and even caustic solutions to clean our schools and other commercial workspaces in the country. Research proves how dangerous these solutions can be for our air quality, groundwater, our bodies, and other parts of our environment.

These are great reasons to use green cleaning, and why you should adopt it to clean your commercial or educational buildings.

Here we share the top 6 reasons to “Go Green”:


Keeps the Building’s Interior Healthy

Since green cleaning products do not contain toxic elements, they scour the surfaces to make them free of unhealthy residues that can cause skin rashes for those with sensitivity. Also, these products do not give off noxious fumes that pollute the indoor air. This preserves the quality of the air throughout the structure and makes the air safe to breathe.

Prevents Allergy and Asthma Attacks in Children and Adults


Using gentle green solutions for cleaning reduces allergy and asthma attacks in children and adults. Many people are allergic to the ingredients in traditional cleaners but have no problem with eco-friendly ones.

Protects the Environment from pollution


Eco-friendly cleaning solutions protect the environment from pollutants. This is due to the fact that the disposal of the cleaning water does not deposit harmful ingredients into the groundwater, soil or outdoor air.

Green Cleaning Is Efficient


You will discover that green cleaning is just as efficient as traditional, toxic cleaning. There are safe, eco-friendly solutions for cleaning hard surfaces, food areas, carpeting and more.

A Cost-Effective Way of Cleaning


Another benefit of green cleaning is that it is cost-effective. Today, the eco-friendly products are multi-purpose, which keeps you from buying separate products for each element in your structure or they cost less than their traditional, toxic counterparts.

Lessens Your Exposure to Toxins


Remember, you also will reduce your own exposure to toxins by adopting green cleaning methods. Over time, you can develop serious diseases through being in constant contact with certain toxic elements in cleaners and other solutions. Keep your own body healthy while you provide others with a safe environment in which to work, go to school, or for other purposes.

For further details about the importance of using environment-friendly products, consult with Office Keepers, complete janitorial services.

We provide expert commercial janitorial and cleaning services for a wide assortment of buildings and have a reputation for reliability and quality. Our company will develop the ideal cleaning regimen to meet your unique requirements.

How to Choose a Cleaning Company

How to Choose a Cleaning Company

If you think that you can save on expenses by getting hiring your own employee to clean your commercial space instead of hiring a professional office cleaning company, you are totally wrong. Commercial office cleaning is a complex process that only top of the line cleaning companies can successfully carry out. The employee will only leave the space half cleaned, thereby denting your business image before clients and other employees. In worst case scenarios it might even result in loss of business.

But before signing on the dotted line with a commercial cleaning company, here are a few tips that you should follow –

Check the available infrastructure – A top of the line cleaning company should have trained and experienced manpower that can thoroughly clean any office premises irrespective of its size. They should also have the necessary tools and equipment to finish the job quickly and effectively.
Flexible Timings – Many offices and commercial establishments, especially workshops and factories have departments that follow shift timings. The cleaning company you choose must be able to adjust their cleaning routines so that it is outside office times even if it means coming in at odd hours. A company with sufficient manpower only will be able to fulfill this stipulation.
Use of chemical-free cleaning solutions – Insist on this clause as it ensures a clean, safe and hygienic work environment. Use of conventional toxic and chemical-laced cleaning products will adversely affect the health of your employees.
Licensed and insured – The commercial office cleaning services you opt for should be licensed, fully bonded and insured. This is a guarantee that the strangers who come in for cleaning every day can be fully trusted. After all, there will be costly equipment in your office that must be safeguarded.
Verify testimonials – This is very important. Ask for testimonials of previous and present clients. Check whether their scale of operations matches yours. Go through the website and check clients’ comments.

If you are looking for a top of the line commercial office cleaning service that more than meets the above stipulations, opt for Office Keepers in Arizona. We have a team of trained and experienced office cleaners that will clean your premises after hours as to not bother you while you are working. We make sure our cleaners are thoroughly vetted before they are hired so you can be sure that your office is always safe and secure.

Our rates are very reasonable and affordable. Call us now for more information.