Why to Hire a Cleaning Company When Moving Your Office

Moving to a new workplace can be both frightening and exciting. Before you start working at your new facility you should properly clean the office that you will be moving out of to ensure your deposit is returned. You can choose to clean the entire property yourself, or hire a professional cleaning company to clean your office. If you are in the Phoenix metro area hiring professional cleaners is an effortless and safe way to assure that the office is in perfect condition when you are moved out... Read More

The Importance of Green Cleaning

In recent years we have relied on strong and even caustic solutions to clean our schools and other commercial workspaces in the country. Research proves how dangerous these solutions can be for our air quality, groundwater, our bodies, and other parts of our environment. These are great reasons to use green cleaning, and why you should adopt it to clean your commercial or educational buildings. Here we share the top 6 reasons to “Go Green”:   Keeps the Building’s Interior Healthy Since... Read More

How to Choose a Cleaning Company

If you think that you can save on expenses by getting hiring your own employee to clean your commercial space instead of hiring a professional office cleaning company, you are totally wrong. Commercial office cleaning is a complex process that only top of the line cleaning companies can successfully carry out. The employee will only leave the space half cleaned, thereby denting your business image before clients and other employees. In worst case scenarios it might even result in loss of... Read More

Windows- a customer’s first impression of you.

One of the first things a customer sees when they enter your building are the windows.  Don’t scare customers away by giving them a bad first impression of your business.   Now is the perfect time to have your business’ windows professionally cleaned. If you have not had your windows professionally cleaned by Office Keepers AZ before, here is a list of reasons why giving us a call to schedule your window cleaning is a great idea: 1. – A clean workspace, and that includes the... Read More

Keeping Disney Clean

Last summer I took my 5 year old daughter to Disney World for first time. She had been to Disneyland the year before, but this was her first time at Disney World. She was fascinated! Besides all the wonderful attractions that Disney offered to us and to the other thousands of people there, it is something else that always brings me back to the first time I visited Disney: How clean it is. Each night, Cast Members spend hours making the parks look like new again. Sweeping, power washing,... Read More