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Keeping Disney Clean

Keeping Disney Clean

Last summer I took my 5 year old daughter to Disney World for first time. She had been to Disneyland the year before, but this was her first time at Disney World. She was fascinated! Besides all the wonderful attractions that Disney offered to us and to the other thousands of people there, it is something else that always brings me back to the first time I visited Disney: How clean it is.

Each night, Cast Members spend hours making the parks look like new again. Sweeping, power washing, touching up paint, replacing lights, replanting, cleaning windows, cleaning walls, etc. All this is done through the night, so when guests arrive in the morning, the park is ready to welcome them. Cleanliness at the parks is just part of the magic at Disney.

During the day the parks stay clean thanks to the general commitment by all Cast Members to go above and beyond their duties. Everyone is expected to work together to make sure guests have a magical experience. And off course, there are Cast members whose specific job is to keep the parks clean during the day.

If you have been to Disney, You have probably noticed that every time you need to find a trash can you can easily find one. While reading Disney trivia, I learned that Walt Disney himself observed the park guests, and came to the conclusion that guests would walk about 30 steps holding a piece of trash before giving up and dropping it on the floor if they didn’t find a trash can. That’s why trash cans were placed every 30 steps.

Next time you are in one of the parks, take a moment to appreciate the cleanliness of it. Disney invests in the cleanliness of the parks, and makes it part of the “Disney magic.” Could you have some of that cleanliness “magic” at your business too? Office Keepers AZ can help you make your business fresh and welcoming for business every day.

Your Favorite Restaurant

Your Favorite Restaurant

What’s your favorite restaurant? How often do you get to go there? I’m assuming that like me, you decided that your favorite restaurant is the one where they serve really good food, maybe even your favorite dish.

Let’s now talk about the other things that may make this restaurant your favorite. Are you able to make reservations when you need it? When you get there, are you greeted with a smile? What about cleanliness? What are the things you noticed? How’s the entry way? Are the windows clean? Once you are seated, how clean is the table? Have the napkins been pressed? Are the menus clean? Are the items on the table clean and ready to use? How are the bathrooms? Are the mirrors shiny? Is there enough toilet paper?

These are things that we might not think about until we are there, but things that restaurant owners constantly think of and prepare for. They know that cleanliness is part of the ambiance and it makes a big statement about the restaurant. Probably a very important reason why you feel comfortable when you go there for dinner.

At Office Keepers AZ, we are happy to serve many restaurants in the valley. We meet with each client, and decide together on the specific service we will provide. We do inspections regularly to make sure standards are met, and we go above and beyond to make sure that our clients are able to welcome their guests in a clean and appealing environment every day.