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Keeping Disney Clean

Last summer I took my 5 year old daughter to Disney World for first time. She had been to Disneyland the year before, but this was her first time at Disney World. She was fascinated! Besides all the wonderful attractions that Disney offered to us and to the other thousands of people there, it is something else that always brings me back to the first time I visited Disney: How clean it is. Each night, Cast Members spend hours making the parks look like new again. Sweeping, power washing,... Read More

Your Favorite Restaurant

What’s your favorite restaurant? How often do you get to go there? I’m assuming that like me, you decided that your favorite restaurant is the one where they serve really good food, maybe even your favorite dish. Let’s now talk about the other things that may make this restaurant your favorite. Are you able to make reservations when you need it? When you get there, are you greeted with a smile? What about cleanliness? What are the things you noticed? How’s the entry way? Are the windows clean?... Read More