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Not Taking Cleaning Seriously? What is it Costing your Business?

Not Taking Cleaning Seriously? What is it Costing your Business?

Every business needs to take office cleaning services seriously. An unclean office/workplace can have an unfavorable effect on your business vision and performance, compromising your ability to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Luckily, comprehensive cleaning on a regular basis can help to attract prospective customers and maximize the productivity of employees.

This blog post from Office Keepers contains further information about why businesses need to take office cleaning services seriously.

It Increases Company Vision

The image your company presents to the world typically reflects your values and approach. Successful businesses have an immaculate and meticulously crafted image, attracting rather than dissuading prospective customers and clients. The last thing you want people to do is to walk away because they view your business as unclean, disorganized and unprofessional. Office cleaning in Arizona will help ensure you don’t lose valuable customers to competitors.

It Increases The Productivity and Health of Employees

An unclean office environment can increase the risk of employees coming down with illnesses. Sick leave will be requested more often, hampering your performance and costing money. Their work may also need to be offloaded onto others, compounding already busy schedules and causing more stress. Regular office cleaning ensures a more hygienic environment and healthier, more productive employees.

It Decreases Maintenance Costs

Do you have to repair or replace expensive equipment and materials more often than you should? It could be because dirt and dust have accumulated over time, reducing the lifespan of electronic equipment and affecting the condition of carpets and furniture. Regular office cleaning will ensure your assets are clean, helping to extend their lifespan and reduce unnecessary upkeep expenses.

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8 Benefits of Having a Clean Classroom

8 Benefits of Having a Clean Classroom

A teacher’s responsibility in the school is to teach and guide the students. However, there are many parts that affect these two major activities. The cleanliness of a classroom tops the list of concerns for the teachers, students, and parents. A clean classroom has far-reaching consequences both on the teachers and learners as well as parents and whoever may visit the school. If professionally cleaned, the following are the major advantages that will be obtained from having a clean classroom:

More Useful Learning Environment: The most important benefit of a clean classroom is the fact that it maximizes the learning experience of the students. According to recent studies, dirty environments negatively affect the learning of students and in turn, the overall performance in the classroom. Students who are in environments that observe cleanliness closely get better grades and have higher rates of graduation.

Fewer Sick Days and Absences: The number of absences due to sickness by teachers and students are higher if the classrooms are not properly kept clean. Hiring a professional to do the cleaning of the classrooms will ensure that the classrooms are free from agents that may cause diseases. All the areas are kept clean, disinfected and sanitized all the year-round. This protects the health of those who are in the school, especially during flu season.

More Productive Teaching: The teacher’s workplace is the school. To make them look forward to each and every work-day, they need to be motivated by such things as a clean working environment. Substandard surroundings are likely to hinder them from doing their jobs optimally. In a clean classroom environment, they’re likely to be more productive as they interact with learners in a healthy and clean place.

Better Equipment Performance: Professional contractors will not only clean the classrooms, they’ll clean the equipment in the classroom as well. This ensures that the equipment continues to operate well. If dust is left to accumulate, they’re likely to be damaged and won’t perform as they should. A clean classroom also makes it difficult for dust to get in contact with the equipment. All these work together for the better performance of this equipment.

Better Parental Involvement With the School: The motivation of parents’ involvement with the school shouldn’t be concerns about dirty classrooms. If professionally cleaned, the classrooms will assure parents that the health of their kids is kept at a watch. They’ll have the confidence that the school cares about the health of their children and will want to be more involved with the school positively.

Fewer Distractions: There are lots of reasons for the distraction of students in a classroom. Dirty environments can add to the list if the cleanliness of the classroom isn’t checked. This will reflect in a negative way on the teacher performance as well as that of the students.

Helps Develop Good Habits in Students: Children learn things from habits and routine. If they’re always in dirty unkempt environments, they’ll internalize this and carry it elsewhere. So, to instill the habit of cleanliness, you need to always ensure that they learn in clean classroom environments.

Provide Safety: Dirty places may contain dangerous objects or insects and animals. These have the potential of hurting the health of the students as well as that of the teacher. When properly cleaned by a professional, there’s no question about the safety of those at the school.

Jobs are better done by professionals in the respective area. When you let us take care of the cleaning, you are allowing teachers to do what they do best: teach! By contracting Office Keepers to keep your classroom clean, you can rest assured that all your goals for cleaning will be met.

How to Safely Clean Your Electronic Equipment

How to Safely Clean Your Electronic Equipment

There are a number of ways of cleaning your electronic products. But most of the people are not aware of these various methods. To clean your TV, laptop, phone and tablets display it is not advisable to use a cloth. If you give more pressure on your electronic device it may occur any scratches or damages. So use a microfiber for removing dust from electronic devices.

The Best Methods For Cleaning Your Electronic Screens

• First, you must unplug your TV or turn off any electronic device before you are going to clean.
• Microfiber cloths are more suitable to clean your device.
• Maintain a circular motion to wipe the screen from top to bottom.
• Add just two drops of dish soap to a spray bottle of distilled water. Apply the solution on a clean microfiber cloth to dampen it.  You never spray water directly on your device. Before turning on make sure your device is totally dry.

How To Keep Your Office Germ Free

Have you ever had a sneaking suspicion that working is bad for health? It turns out you could be right. Many of the surfaces in our workplace harbor more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Top of the list of germ hotspots in offices are desktop phones, which microbiologists at the University of Arizona discovered were home to a hair-raising 25,000 germs per square inch. As a point of reference, a toilet seat is likely to have around 50 germs per square inch.

Coming in a close second are desktops, followed by computer mice and keyboards. But the bacteria bonanza doesn’t end there. Frequently touched surfaces including microwave and fridge doors and taps in shared workplace kitchens too, not to mention water cooler controls, are also magnets for viruses and bacteria.

Are we really making it worse?

It seems that changing our working habits may be increased exposure to potentially harmful germs in the workplace.
Hot-desking, where your workers share desk space or work at a different workstation each of day, is increasingly common. But shared desks have more germs on them than desks used by just one person. And a shared computer mouse harbors 50% more germs than a mouse with just one careful owner.

Eating lunch at your desk never sounded less appealing. But this is something that more than two-thirds of USA office workers say they do. If you count yourself among those who eat at their desks, you could be ingesting more than you bargained for, if bacteria and viruses hitch a ride on your sandwich.

So how can you protect yourself

Many of us don’t have a say if we have our own desks in our office, and maybe we don’t have the time or facilities to grab a bite to eat somewhere other than at our desks. But there is still plenty of you can do to protect yourself from workplace bugs.

Keep Your Office Germ Free

Here are our top tips.

• Wipe down your workstation with an antibacterial wipe at the start and end of each day. Don’t forget to wipe down the receiver, cradle, and buttons on your desktop phone, too. Research shows that regularly disinfecting surfaces and often-touched objects significantly reduce the number of germs that could potentially make you ill.

• Keep an antibacterial hand gel on your desk or in your bag. Use it after you make a cup of coffee in the office kitchen, or get a drink from the water cooler. If you can’t avoid eating at your desk use it before you eat, if you haven’t washed your hands first.

• Clean your keyboard and mouse regularly if you have your own desk, especially if you do tend to snack as you work. A compressed air spray costs just a couple of dollars and will help dislodge crumbs, fluff, and dust from between the keys of your keyboard. Follow up by wiping the keys with an alcohol wipe. Wipe down the mouse, too, while you’re at it.

• Don’t share mugs! Unless your office kitchen has a dishwasher to clean cups hygienically, you’re better off having your own mug and taking it home with you to wash at the end of each day. Many studies show that dishcloths and sponges are a breeding ground for bacteria – not what you want with your morning brew.

Adhering to these tips will help you to a clean, and much less germ filled work space!

10 Commercial Cleaning Tips

10 Commercial Cleaning Tips

Hiring a professional commercial cleaning company, such as Office Keepers, is by far the most efficient way to ensure that your commercial properties are maintained to the highest standard, however if you are hiring in house for your cleaning, then below are some commercial cleaning tips you may find useful!

Carpets: One of the main reasons of keeping your office space clean is for your potential clients and visitors. So, walk where they would walk! Walk the same route as your potential client, look around and take note at what could be cleaner.

Desks: Stop cluttering your desk. One of the main items in your office will be the office desk space. If you limit the amount of objects cluttering your desk, it will look a lot cleaner, even if you have just placed everything into drawers.

Keyboards: We can test the cleanliness of your office, while you’re reading this paragraph. Lift your keyboard upside down and shake it around for five seconds. See all those crumbs that have just fallen out? They need to be cleaned up. Clean and sanitize your keyboard at least once/twice a week, or limit the amount of food eaten at your desk, to keep on top of it.

Fridges: The last working day of every month, this should not only be known as pay day, but also the fridge clear out day! Yep, that’s right, whatever food is left in the fridge come that evening, throw it in the bin. Trust me, you don’t want spilt milk lining the bottom of your fridge, if you haven’t got a professional cleaning company to mop it up.

Plants: The office plants. There’s no point owning a pretty office plant if no one is willing to keep on top of the falling leaves. Be sure to pick up any leaves off your floor, water and dust the leaves to keep it looking pretty. Or just buy an artificial plant, and just dust it!

Microwave: This tip will make caked on food much easier to remove. Place a mug of cold water in the microwave and bring to boil. If you have a tablespoon of vinegar to add even better. This will loosen all stubborn marks and food can be removed quickly.

Corners: Out of sight out of mind? This is the philosophy of many office workers, especially if their task that evening is to clean their personal home. Make sure that all furniture is moved away from the walls every so often, and make sure that behind the furniture is properly vacuumed. All sorts of object tend to hide here!

Phones: Make sure you sanitize your office phone regularly; the last thing you want is your entire work force off sick with the same illness. Saliva and germs will accumulate on the phone. As part of our task schedule introduced by Office Keepers all telephones are expected to be sanitized at least once a week.

Dishes: All dishes and cups left in the break room should be washed right away. Make it a rule to have each person wash their own dishes, or fines may result!

Bins: Take out your bins and recycle your waste regularly. The last thing you want is for a visitor to come into your offices and have to try and balance their apple core on the top of your rubbish in your full bins.

If all this fails, the best solution to any cleaning problem is to give us a call at Office Keepers. Check out our Google reviews for what our customers are saying about us.