5 things that make a Great Commercial Service

When looking to hire a janitorial service that you can trust, there are certain expectations you should have. You want to be certain that when you leave your business and the cleaning crew comes in, you know that you can trust them and that your office is in the best hands.Here are the 5 things that make a Great Commercial cleaning service:Reliability and ConfidentialityReliability and Confidentiality are one of the two main concerns for many companies when choosing a commercial cleaning... Read More

Windows- a customer’s first impression of you.

One of the first things a customer sees when they enter your building are the windows.  Don’t scare customers away by giving them a bad first impression of your business.   Now is the perfect time to have your business’ windows professionally cleaned. If you have not had your windows professionally cleaned by Office Keepers AZ before, here is a list of reasons why giving us a call to schedule your window cleaning is a great idea: 1. – A clean workspace, and that includes the... Read More