What are Carpet Dry Cleaning and Steam Cleaning Differences?

No commercial environment can be truly clean without addressing the floor that you walk on every day. This post will help you determine what is the difference in carpet steam cleaning and carpet dry cleaning, while also detailing some of the benefits that they can offer your business. If you’ve ever walked into an office with a dirty carpet, you were likely pretty uncomfortable. A dirty carpet can immediately ruin the mood and ambiance of an office or business. Dirty carpets represent not only... Read More

Office Waste Reduction Tips

Green practices are becoming more and more popular in the business sector today. Many businesses are looking for ways to “go green” and reduce their impact on the environment. Business owners are starting to realize that waste reduction does more than just saving the environment. It also offers businesses and organizations certain benefits. Ultimately, it allows you to do three things, which are: * Save space in your office * Reduce clutter thereby making your working space cleaner * Save... Read More

Green Cleaning Products…does it matter?

Schools all across Arizona are going green, choosing to use environmentally friendly cleaning products instead of standard chemically based cleaners. The reason schools are making the switch to environmentally friendly cleaning products is mainly for the health of their students. Typical cleaning companies use the same commercial cleaning products in all types of buildings they clean, however, when there are children involved, safety should always be the main focus. Is your cleaning company... Read More

Did You Know These Fun Facts About Cleaning?

Cleaning is never funny for businesses. For most people in Arizona, it is one of the most tiresome activities in life. Rarely will you hear people associate it with the word ‘fun’. As a commercial cleaning company Office Keepers loves and enjoys the cleaning business, and we want to break the negative connotations that are usually attached to it. So here are some fun facts about cleaning that hopefully will help change the way you look at cleaning your businesses and workplaces. Did you know... Read More

What Are Your Office Cleaning Challenges?

Cleaning a commercial property is very different than cleaning a home. There are lots of unique challenges that go along with office cleaning. Addressing these challenges head-on is the best way to ensure that your property is not only clean, but that it is also safe for your clients and employees. Here are some of the issues that you need to consider: Challenge 1: Finding a Proper Time to Clean Typically, cleaning will need to be done outside of normal business hours. If your office maintains... Read More