Meet the Team

Carlos Hernandez
Founder & President
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos Hernandez
Carlos is the founder and President of Keepers. He grew up in London, England working alongside his family’s cleaning business. Carlos earned a degree in International Studies with an emphasis in Business from Brigham Young University. Through college, he worked as a custodian, cleaning many large buildings on the university campus. He decided to put his degree and knowledge of the cleaning industry to use by founding Keepers in 2008. Carlos loves going on walks with Marci and their 4 kids. He is a true foodie and is on the constant search for the best pizza, rib-eye steak, and pasta Alfredo.
Marci Hernandez
Marci Hernandez
Co-owner and CEO
Marci Hernandez
Marci has been working side-by-side with Carlos since they started the business in 2008. She has a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in leadership. Marci has had many roles over the years but now oversees setting the vision for the team. When she is not in a meeting, Marci enjoys any outdoor activity with Carlos and their 4 kids. She trains for half marathons and triathlons.
Liliana Roca
Liliana Roca
Operations Manager
Liliana Roca
Liliana Roca
Liliana started working with Keepers cleaning offices, but her previous experience in leadership positions was quickly apparent. She now manages all operations. Her chief duties include managing and overseeing the operations team. She brings innovative ideas and energy to the team. Liliana loves to spend time with her children, baking cakes, watching movies, and visiting the beautiful cities of Northern Arizona.
Azucena Baca
Customer Service
Azucena takes pride in providing the highest quality customer service. She coordinates with the supervisors on any customer service tasks. She keeps our inspection list up to date to ensures each customer is visited and received a thorough inspection of their facility. Azucena loves to try new recipes and spending her free time with her family.
Maira Miranda
Special Projects
Maira has an associate degree in business administration. She’s in charge of coordinating special projects with clients and technicians. She also orders consumable supplies for our customers.
Maira developed a love of traveling and exploring, passion for discovering new cultures. Beside traveling, she loves ice cream, especially dulce de leche. Above all, she enjoys spending time on the beach with her family.
Ana Terrones
Accounting Manager
Ana has an associates degree in accounting and has been with Keepers since 2011. She handles all accounts payable and invoices customers.
Ana also keeps all our information systems up- to-date. During her free time, Ana can be found reading, cooking with her family, and enjoying warm
sunny days.
Brandii Goodin
Brandii started her accounting career over 15 years ago. She is currently pursing her degree in accounting and loves to see others become successful. As the the Controller of Keepers she takes great pride in her work and job to ensure the company continues to grow and succeed. Brandii enjoys camping and seeing new places with her husband and children.
Lorena Solano
Account Manager
Lorena loves people and enjoys building relationships with customers. She is often found working with our customers, performing on-site visits and inspections. She checks for things even the customer does not notice. Lorena also evaluates the account for what other services the customer may need.
She is an expert at party décor and displays. She loves shopping and being with her family whether it be at the lake, playing in the snow, or in the mountains.
Angel Solis
Night Operations
Angel handles operations after 5pm. He does regular inspections with the cleaning crews to make sure not only their work but also their chemicals and equipment are all up to speed. Angel has a great rapport with the cleaning crews and helps them with any situation that may arise during their cleaning. Angel enjoys playing soccer, spending time with his family, and gets great satisfaction from helping others.
Elena Pulido
Night Supervisor
Elena also does regular inspections with the cleaning crews. She leads the crews as they get started on working with new accounts, performing on-site training for each new location. Elena also supports our operations staff by coordinating crew changes or inspections.
She loves to spend time with her kids whether it be cooking for them, attending church together, or just hanging out.
Julia Hidalgo
Marketing Assistant
Julia is pursing a Bachelors from ASU in Digital Photography and a minor in Digital Audiences. She supports the marketing department of Keepers. She assists in organizing campaigns and developing marketing strategies, content creation, and calendar management. Julia loves watching, “This is Us” and traveling to news places to experience different cultures.
Lyric Porter
Marketing Assistant
Lyric pursing an education in marketing. Her role at Keepers includes content creation, communicating with clients and encouraging trusting relationships. Additionally, she manages members of the marketing team and oversees development of photo and video production. Lyric loves binge watching The Office with her husband, traveling to unique places and learning new languages.